Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bruins Beat the Panthers 2-1 (I wanted the panthers). :(

During winter break my family and I embarked on a cross country trip to Delray Beach, Florida.

We flew at 10:00 P.M. on Christmas Day.

The most exciting thing we did was go to a Florida Panthers hockey game. It was at Bank Atlantic Center.

Up above is a picture of the outside of the Bank Atlantic Center.

Also, since we were in my grandma's Lexus car we got free parking because the Florida Panthers are sponsored by Lexus.

Before the game we got Papa John's pizza and we ate it in a little family section of the arena.

It was very exciting see one of my very favorite goalies, Tim Thomas. Even though he was on the other team ( The Boston Bruins), it was very fun to see him .
It was cool to watch him stretch and play.

My Camera can zoom in a lot so I was able to see the face offs. Face offs are for deciding who will get the puck.

At the beginning everybody was happy because the Panthers took an early lead.

Sadly, the Bruins ended up winning 2-1. The Panthers were so close to scoring at the end.

That was very unexpected so I do not have a picture of that.

Have you ever been to a hockey game when the L.A Kings weren't playing? 
Which teams were playing?


Nick said...

Dear Ben,

No, I have not been to a hockey game when the L.A. Kings weren't playing. Are you going to a hockey game anytime soon? I hope you do!

Your classmate,

Linda Yollis said...

Dear Ben,

What a terrific post about the trip you embarked on to Florida. Where is Delray Beach? Is it on the Atlantic Ocean side or on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida?

What a fantastic trip! You are becoming a great photographer, too! I think photos really help tell the story to a reader.

You asked if I'd ever been to a hockey game when the L.A. Kings were not playing. No. In fact, I have only been to one professional hockey game and it was a King's game. It was very exciting to be among all the fans. They are quite enthusiastic!

Have a great MLK Day!

Mrs. Yollis

Nick said...

Dear Ben,

Last Saturday, I went to the LA Kings game. The Kings won against the Boston Bruins. Alexander Frolov scored the game winning goal, and my favorite hockey player scored, Anze Kopitar. ( He played awesome!)

Your friend,

jleshae77 said...

Hi Ben! I am a college student from Oklahoma and came across your blog! All of your pictures are amazing and your blog is very interesting. I see you must like hockey a whole bunch, do you play hockey yourself?

Jordan Hunter

Ben said...

@ Mr. Hunter,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You said you are a college student. What is your major?

You asked if I play hockey. As a matter of fact I do play hockey. If you want to know more you can check out another post on my blog called My Road to the NHL.

(Mrs. Yollis' student)